Interested in a mooring, or joining the Association?

Interested in a mooring with Mid Kerrera Mooring Association? Here’s some guidance:-

  • First step is to contact the Secretary by email – see ‘Contact Us’ page. The Secretary will know which mooring-spaces are available in which you could lay your own mooring, or which members are interested in relinquishing their existing mooring or mooring-space
  • The Secretary will need to know the type of boat for which you are seeking a mooring (length to ensure that boats on adjacent moorings will be safe, and draft in order to establish the required mooring-depth)
  • If you are interested in taking-on a vacant mooring space, all that is required is for the Secretary to gain approval from the Committee to use this space for the boat you intend to moor.
  • If you intend to buy a mooring from an existing MKMA member, the Secretary will put you in touch with the member. It will be your responsibility to liaise with the member to agree details of the mooring-transfer. DO NOT finalise this, and especially don’t part with any money, until the Committee has approved your use this mooring for the boat you intend to moor
  • Once you are happy to proceed, and have the Committee’s approval, you will also need to request membership of the Mid Kerrera Mooring Association. This can be done by contacting the Secretary. There is a small joining-fee (currently £15). We will also need contact-details (email-address, phone-number, etc.).
  • When you are a member, with your boat moored in the MKMA waters, all that is required in an ongoing sense is:-
    • MKMA hold an Annual General Meeting once a year – usually in January/February. You will be invited to attend to contribute to the running of the Association, and to get an update on the Association’s affairs
    • After the AGM the Secretary will publish minutes of the AGM – please read them, and contact the Secretary in case of queries/comments
    • One aspect of the AGM is setting the annual-fees for the forthcoming year. This is largely to cover the charge for each mooring levied by Crown Estates. Recently this has been £40. This is payable by each member for their mooring(s) immediately after the AGM.

If you have any queries about this, please contact the Secretary whose details are on the ‘Contact Us’ page.