1. Any person wishing to lay or occupy a mooring within the delineated areas of Mid-Kerrera Moorings Association shall apply in writing to The Secretary of the Moorings Committee for permission to do so, in such form as the Committee may from time to time decide.
  2. The grant of permission by the Committee shall be conditional on the applicant’s written agreement of the terms of the constitution and to abide by the decisions and rules of the Committee.
  3. The grant of such permission to lay a mooring shall be at the discretion of the Committee, and may be revoked, or made subject to any conditions the Committee may at any time reasonably impose. If the Committee unfairly refuses an application, the applicant has a right of appeal to be made in writing to the Crown Estate, to be through Bidwells, 5 Atholl Place, Perth PH1 5NE. Their decision shall be final and binding upon both parties. New moorings will be given differential GPS WGS 84 position coordinates for their position, guidance as to where this is, and depth information to assist in laying/moving.
  4. A grantee of permission to lay a mooring may not transfer or allow to a third party the use of the mooring site, whether with or without a mooring on it without the prior consent of the Committee.
  5. The owner of any mooring left unoccupied for two consecutive seasons may be required by the Committee to re-apply for it or remove it.
  6. The grantee shall be liable for any loss, damage, or injury to persons arising from the use of his mooring(s) in the area, and appropriate insurance cover should be arranged. This shall be a condition of any grant of permission to lay or occupy a mooring.
  7. The Committee shall have discretion to specify the types of craft which are, in its judgement, best suited to occupy mooring sites in particular parts of the association’s area, and may require the occupant of a mooring to transfer it to another part of the area, on reasonable notice being given but without liability to the Committee for any expense so incurred.
  8. The Committee may from time to time specify minimum standards for mooring tackle, and may refuse to allow a vessel to occupy any mooring which, in the opinion of the Committee, falls below such standards.
  9. Occupants of moorings must maintain their mooring tackle in good condition at all times. Failure to do so may entail withdrawal of permission to occupy the mooring, its removal by the Committee and any expenses occurred will be recovered by the Committee from the owner.
  10. Every mooring buoy shall be prominently and permanently marked with the Crown estate tag allotted to it by the Committee.  Crown Estate tags must be attached securely to the mooring position at all times throughout the year for identification purposes by the CE moorings officer and any winter marker must also be so numbered. Any mooring not so marked may be removed by the Committee and any expenses occurred will be recovered by the Committee from the owner.
  11. Any member when selling their mooring tackle must inform the secretary, with the name and address of the buyer.

Last Updated 15/02/2014